What does a technical capabilities manager do?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

As the world of tech grows, so too does the need for more tech talent. This doesn’t only apply to more people within the roles that already exist, but also more people for completely new roles within the industry.

When these new positions are available, candidates might not be sure if it’s the right one for them, especially if there’s very little information out there for them to properly research it.

One such role is a technical capabilities manager (TCM). Silicon Republic spoke to Lynsey O'Neill to find out more.

Technical Capabilities Manager is one of the senior project management roles we have at Liberty IT.

From big data to DevOps, delivery leads to software engineers, product owners to designers, technical leaders to technically minded people, our teams tackle tough challenges every day, fulfilling their need for creativity and cognitive and lateral thinking while being duly rewarded for their efforts.  Working closely with our Liberty Mutual Insurance colleagues has given many of us an opportunity to visit and learn from teams across the globe.

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