Every day is different: Lynsey's story

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Lynsey Scott has been a Software Engineer here for two years now. Now she is working towards becoming a Senior Engineer by increasing her technical skills through experience, and helping to mentor colleagues. She enjoys the fact that every day is different - her role involves working with different teams on major projects. 

For her, communication is key - she says, 'Communication is a really big skill because if I’ve got front-end tasks and my other team member has a back-end task, then we need to be communicating with each other to make sure that feature is integrated successfully.'

Lynsey was recently interviewed by Silicon Republic and you can watch her video here. 

She was attracted to the company as she knew some people who already worked here, and her advice to anyone thinking of applying to join Liberty IT is simple - 'If you want to apply here, I think that it’s a great place to work. We’re always learning new technologies here, and everybody’s really friendly and it’s a great culture.