Meet Sean - our new Dublin Site Lead

Monday, March 16, 2020

Tell us about your new role at LIT and what your career path has been to date. What excites you most about the role?

Formally I’m the site lead in Dublin, as well as Director of Strategic Initiatives which is the special projects aspect of the role.

I’m really excited about this new role as it opens up my areas of expertise across business and operations areas, rather than just software development. I see the role as continuing to build out and deliver on strategic direction for LIT and ensuring we have the capability in Dublin to meet those needs.

I’ll be the conduit into the accounts to build capability. This is more than just providing staff augmentation – it’s building out the right capability at the right time to the right people. What is exciting about the role is the opportunity to partner with operations and development to build out a full end-to-end dev ops model.

My career might not look straightforward to other people but it has made sense to me. I always wanted to work in enterprise product space and in particular software development. I started out as a programmer and worked my way up through the ranks focusing more on tech management rather than coding, then moving into leadership roles heading up software development delivery. I’ve been working with businesses to determine requirements moving into design, development, validation and production.


What tech are you most interested in at the minute? What do you see as being ‘big’ in 2020?

This depends so much on what industry you’re in. Three big themes in my mind are data, software as a service/cloud implementation, and security. The biggest advantage to be gained is in big data, Machine Learning and AI – making data valuable for organisations.

The journey to the cloud through the serverless approach is a really impressive part of LIT – we are so far along in our thinking. Most other companies are only thinking about migration rather than building a serverless model.

Finally of course, security needs to be embedded across the life cycle – we should always develop, build and maintain for security.


What reading/podcasts do you recommend? Professionally and personally?

I do a lot of research online – for example, what AWS are doing and promoting online. This means I can quickly determine feasibility before spending time doing a deep dive on something.  

I’m not a big reader as it’s a big time commitment, but I got a book for Christmas which I’ve started reading. It’s called Extreme Leadership – all about US special forces and how they use accountability, strategies and techniques to build really cohesive teams.

I love listening to podcasts about photography, flying and drones – bringing together some of my own personal interests. I’m also big into crossfit so follow a lot of that content too.


We hear you’re a big sci-fi fan – what are you currently enjoying watching?

I’ve just finished second season of Altered Carbon on Netflix – about how society changes when people become immortal, as their consciousness is kept on a disc and the body becomes a sleeve to be changed. They live life in a succession of different/cloned bodies. It’s pretty dark, but a good watch.  


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