Success in IT is all about firing up your creativity for the start of the fourth industrial revolution

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Liberty IT's Director of Technology, David Anderson, interviewed by the Belfast Telegraph this month about how his interest in computing came about.

David Anderson, director of technology at Liberty IT in Belfast, recalls one of his earliest engagements with technology one Christmas Day in the 1980s when he received a ZX Spectrum home computer.

It was a gift from his "intuitive" father, the late radio and TV broadcaster Gerry Anderson.

"I remember the conversation on Christmas Day. I asked him what it was and he said 'a computer'. I then asked how it worked and he said, 'I've no idea, why don't you work it out'."

And so an interest in problem-solving and programming was ignited, triggering a curiosity in all things tech that would take David to the top at Liberty IT, the Belfast and Dublin-based technology arm of Liberty Mutual Insurance.

David, a father of an eight-year-old daughter and five-year-old son, looks back on his childhood and says: "The best way to describe it is, it was a bit like Derry Girls, only in the 1980s. I can certainly relate to many of events in that series."

And recalling the days when the Spectrum was the height of technological sophistication in many homes, David adds: "You could break into the games and change things. You had to figure out how to do it and you would look at other stuff and wonder what it does."

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