A groundbreaking project and industry first, Liberty IT’s Virtual Assistant introduced serverless AI-backed chatbots to the business, using Amazon Lex Connect.

To date it has saved Liberty Mutual millions of dollars and been used as a reference architecture at AWS re:Invent. Presenting at international conferences has led to other companies looking to us as best practice in this area.

Chris Gormley, who won a prestigious Liberty Mutual Chairman’s Award for his work on the project, told us:

‘Liberty IT’s drive for a serverless first mindset has allowed us to evolve this platform. It has enabled engineers, empowered teams and given us the ability to deliver exciting AI-based technologies. The diversity in our teams has allowed us to really expand our capabilities – Liberty IT really is a great space for getting the best out of people.’

In an increasingly digital world, customers expect to be able to self-serve for simple queries.  This knowledge drove the team to develop the Virtual Assistant which is available to support Liberty Mutual customers 24/7. Changing how our business works to meet customer need, we are continuing to develop a more and more complex multi-channel system.

Laura McFarland also worked on the project and says:

‘I’ve been able to take my in the serverless architecture into other teams within Liberty IT and set them up for success in the serverless world, already bringing about substantial cost savings for the company in other areas.’

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