Navigating the evolving landscape of work structures

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In the dynamic landscape of modern work structures, we find ourselves at the forefront of a pivotal exploration – understanding the intricacies of work from home, office, and the newer model we’ve adopted here at Liberty IT; the hybrid model. 

As a company deeply invested in fostering an environment that resonates with its diverse workforce, we’re acknowledging the nuanced conversations surrounding the evolving nature of work.

Andy shares his pros and cons when it comes to working from home or the office

Andy O'Sullivan, a Solutions Engineer here at Liberty IT, recently blogged about what he calls 'The Great Office Confusion'.

Andy had, like most of us, been working from home since March 2020. He was one of a small number of employees who recently returned to our Dublin office. 

He was looking forward to spending some time in the office each week but has now discovered he has some conflicting thoughts! 


The commute dilemma

While unpacking the pros and cons of a daily commute, Andy ends up scrutinising the perceived value of time spent travelling to and from the office and questioning its impact on productivity and family life.


The office nostalgia

Reflecting on the emotional aspect, Andy shares unexpected sentiments about returning to working from the office again and acknowledges certain contrasts between what was and what currently is.


The future of office dynamics

In his article, Andy ponders the potential permanence of hybrid work models and raises questions about the future of the traditional office interaction, highlighting challenges and shifts in inclusivity and efficiency. 


Office productivity vs working in a dedicated environment

While admitting that working from the office can be more productive, Andy is contemplating the trade-offs between professional focus and family responsibilities, balanced with the fact that he does like working later in the day too.


Do I like working in the office any more?

After opening up about the dilemmas he has, Andy is left wondering if he still wants to work in an office or if he has grown to prefer working much more flexibly at his own pace and schedule. 


You can read Andy’s entire article on Medium here.

As we navigate the contours of ‘The Great Office Confusion’, we continue to be committed to shaping an inclusive and adaptable future and being a best place to work, not just in the UK and Ireland but also in Europe.

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