Celebrating our 2023 successes in innovation 

Photos of Ignite and DSC employee groups

At Liberty IT, we know collaboration between teams keeps us at the forefront of driving innovation.

This commitment was demonstrated earlier in the year as teams from across Liberty Mutual took part in the 2023 Ignite Hackathon and the Data Science Challenge. These prestigious events, designed to push the boundaries of creativity and foster groundbreaking solutions, highlight our ability to drive the business forward through cutting-edge technology.

Unleashing creativity at the Ignite Hackathon

The Ignite Hackathon had a total of 52 teams, made up of 252 exceptional employees, with Liberty IT teams taking part in Boston, Belfast, Dublin and remotely.

The overall winning team included five Liberty IT employees and a second team from Liberty IT also took home a prize. Reflecting on the team's remarkable achievement, Glenn, Principal Software Engineer at Liberty IT and a member of the winning team, said:

"Winning the 2023 Ignite Hackathon was an extraordinary moment. We were filled with a sense of pride when Monica Caldas, Chief Information Officer at Liberty Mutual, called out our team's name. The competition was fierce, and we witnessed brilliant pitches from our fellow participants. We are thrilled to have the backing of stakeholders at the highest level as we bring our winning idea to life in the coming months."

Glenn, Principal Software Engineer

The resounding victory of our teams at Ignite underscores the diverse talent and collaborative prowess within Liberty. Comprising individuals ranging from software engineers to consultants and product designers, our winning team showcased the power of collective expertise and a shared vision for driving innovation.

Brian Craig, Senior Director of Architecture at Liberty IT said: “I am extremely proud of the hard work, dedication and innovation that all 17 teams from Liberty IT showcased at Liberty Mutual’s 2023 Ignite Hackathon. It really demonstrated the limitless potential of our people and our technology, and I can't wait for us to share our Ignite teams’ new ideas and innovations to the rest of the business in the near future.” 

Brian Craig, Senior Director of Architecture

Harnessing data for innovation

During the recent Data Science Challenge, talented individuals from various teams united to tackle a common challenge, with over 180 participants and 98 teams coming together from all corners of the company.  While some teams worked remotely, their collective enthusiasm resonated across the organisation, inspiring and motivating others to join future challenges.

The core of the challenge required participants to showcase their expertise in data analysis, coding, and attention to detail. Notably, the focus extended beyond model development, emphasising the importance of deploying these models efficiently. 

While the challenge required focused effort, it also provided opportunities for teams to bond and connect. Teams collaborated from their respective offices, shared lunch breaks, and celebrated their collective achievements. These interactions fostered a sense of camaraderie and built stronger relationships across teams, further reinforcing the value of such events in promoting a collaborative work environment.

The Data Science Challenge exemplified our dedication to empowering data scientists and driving innovation. The challenge not only showcased the talent and expertise within the organisation but also fostered collaboration, relationship-building and personal growth. 


Liberty IT's successes in the Ignite Hackathon and the Data Science Challenge highlight our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and empowering our employees. These events bring teams together to push the boundaries of creativity, develop groundbreaking solutions and make the most of a collaborative work environment. 

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