As part of our commitment to nurturing new talent in our industry, last year, we were thrilled to welcome over 40 new graduates to Liberty IT.  

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Our TechStart programme is the first step in a career with Liberty IT and aims to give participants a deep understanding of the tech industry. 


Hands-On learning 

To enhance the onboarding experience, we made some positive updates to the existing programme structure, incorporating valuable feedback we received from previous entry-level employees. 

This includes the re-introduction of an in-person experience, where employees had the opportunity to get to know their co-worker and trainers in-person throughout the twelve-week programme. 

In our Belfast office, we transformed an entire floor into a hub of innovation and collaboration - made just for our TechStart participants.  

Picture a space buzzing with energy, where bright open areas blend seamlessly with tech-equipped spaces which fostered hands-on learning and creative brainstorming. 


"Our Liberty IT culture sets us apart, and through this comprehensive programme, we had the opportunity to embed our culture, our engineering and people focus, while allowing participants to work closely together for twelve weeks." 

Emma Mullan, Senior Director of Talent


Developing skills and building connections 

During the TechStart programme, participants took part in various activities and learning opportunities, including a technical skills focused course, developing skills in presentation and teamwork while learning new tech stacks like AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Spring Boot.  

The participants also had the privilege of hearing from Employee Resource Groups and subject matter experts, gaining valuable insights into the company's structure and best practices. 

The programme offered workshops on product and design thinking, providing participants with a fresh perspective and the impact of cross-departmental collaboration.   

Joining in company-wide events, such as charity bake sales and social events, allowed team members to make connections outside the programme. 

TechStart participants also served as ambassadors for the company for the next generation of talent through career fairs, watch parties and coding challenges. 

"We've had an incredible twelve weeks in the TechStart programme, filled with valuable experiences and meaningful connections. From team-building adventures to enhancing my technical skills – I am really looking forward to further learning opportunities as I join my new team.”

Luke, Associate Software Engineer


The future unfolding 

To wrap up the TechStart programme, participants had the opportunity to attend a special carousel event, which brought together the TechStart graduates and leadership across Liberty IT for an engaging discussion and showcase of their work.  

During the event, participants had the chance to present their team projects, sharing the knowledge and skills they acquired throughout the programme.  

“They received valuable feedback and insights from our senior leaders, who were blown away at their creativity and innovation. It was a moment of celebration, as our graduates reflected on their growth and the tremendous impact they have made during their time in the TechStart programme." 

Michelle, Senior Learning & Development Specialist 


Looking ahead 

Congratulations to all the graduates of the TechStart programme, we’re excited to watch their journey as they embark on their careers with Liberty IT and we look forward to welcoming our next cohort later in the year! 


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