Claire, Senior Innovation Lead, recently spoke to Silicon Republic about the skills needed to work in innovation. 

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In the article, Claire talks about what a typical day might look like and some of the machine learning projects she is working on, before explaining the key skills she uses which include communication, strategic thinking and willingness to learn. 


Managing innovation with efficiency and wellbeing

As she works part-time, Claire explains how she manages her working week and meeting efficiencies - all part of our team norms and wellbeing commitments at Liberty IT. 


Essential skills needed for successful technology innovation projects

Claire's primary focus is harnessing machine learning for more efficient workflows and an enhanced customer experience.

She delves into the intricacies of building a robust machine learning operations (ML Ops) framework to streamline processes and deploy models seamlessly.

Claire underscores the importance of communication, strategic thinking, and a strong willingness to learn in her role.

She highlights the significance of staying updated with emerging technologies and maintaining an empathetic approach in fostering collaborative work environments.

She understands that people are at the heart of technology innovation and says:

'The thing I enjoy most about the job is the people I work with. They are a very passionate group all working towards a common goal of leveraging innovation to radically improve the services we provide our customers'

Claire, Senior Innovation Lead


For a comprehensive exploration of Claire’s role, her daily challenges and the thriving innovation culture at Liberty IT, you can read the full interview here



At Liberty IT, innovation isn't just something we are incredibly passionate about, but something we are incredibly good at – read about our 2023 successes in innovation here.

In her role, Claire exemplifies our commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing transformative ideas, and fostering a culture where collaboration fuels technological advancements.  

Join us on the journey of continuous innovation at the forefront of the tech industry. 


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